This YouTuber Let Her Best Friend Sleep with Her Boyfriend So She Could Try Him Out

Popular YouTuber and online personality Lena the Plug sparked an internet debate when she posted a video showing her, her boyfriend, and her best friend about to engage in a threesome. The reason why is a bit, well, odd.

Best Friends. Some best friends share everything and some best friends share EVERYTHING. In this case, these best friends are probably taking the whole “we do everything together” shtick a little too far. One popular Youtuber is inviting her bestie into the bedroom with her and her man.

Lena the Plug. The aforementioned oversharer and YouTuber is Los Angeles-based vlogger Lena Nersesian, also known to her followers as Lena the Plug.

The Video. Lena and her best friend Emily uploaded a video to Lena’s YouTube account, which sparked a widespread internet debate and slight freakout. In the video, Lena discusses why she invites her friend into the bedroom with her boyfriend Adam.

The Explanation. “I trust Emily and thought this would be kind of fun,” Lena said. “Girls share their sexual stories with each other, friends tell each other everything. Emily’s seen pictures of Adam’s d***, she knows all about our sex life I tell her everything. Now I don’t have to tell her, she can just try his penis.”

The Explanation. So, it seems the best friends’ reasoning is that they already know everything about each other’s sex lives so why not just include them in the process. They believe in show rather than tell when it comes to juicy sex stories, it would seem.

The Video. The famous video has been viewed nearly seven million times, Daily Mail reports. And the internet is largely creeped out, and some have even taken a Donald Trump-like stance on the matter, simply writing in the comments section, “sad.”

Threesome. The video is titled “I Let my Best Friend Have Sex with My Boyfriend.” Perhaps the most shocking part of the video is that it is filmed right before a threesome between Lena, Emily and Lena’s boyfriend Adam is about to take place. They are actually preparing for it in the video and are recording the video from the bed.

Nothing New. The internet may be shocked by these besties’ sexual oversharing, but this isn’t even the first time the two have had a threesome together. Now, they want to share Adam, as they explain in the clip.

Adam. In case you were unsure, Adam’s cool with it. “I’ve been seeing Adam for a few months and we are both sexually pretty open to having other girls join, it’s kind of weird and controversial to have your best friend join,” Lena said as reported by Daily Mail.

The Prep. In preparation for the threesome, Emily and Lena film themselves drinking tequila and listening to music. Adam arrives at the apartment surprised by the threesome.
Surprise! Adam learned about the threesome on camera, and you’ll feel like a dirty voyeur watching him find out. “Let me just say, I can’t even wrap my f****** head around how my life got to the point where I’m engaging in – not only this activity in the first place – but with two girls that look like this,” he says.
Camera off. The camera is then promptly shut off so the threesome can take place. The clip picks back up after the threesome has concluded. The girls are seen laying in an unmade bed.

Response. The response to the very public video depicting a usually very private subject has been largely critical, with one person writing, “You guys are attractive but I find it sad that only sex, drugs, alcohol and aesthetics are the only things that matter to you.”

Comments. One user wrote: “It’s so sad how little girls turn into these things… if you ever have a daughter, teach her and protect her, don’t let your angel turn into these… these animals…,” Daily Mail reports.

Haters Gonna Hate. Lena doesn’t seem to be letting the critics bother her, and when you’re racking up views anyway, they don’t really matter that much. According to Daily Mail, Lena has said she plans to release a sex tape if she gets to one million followers on YouTube

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