World’s Fattest Boy Is Finally Able To Go To School Again

Obesity is becoming more and more common in children and it needs to be controlled immediately. Parents shouldn’t allow their children to become obese and unhealthy at an extremely young age. Obesity can cause many insecurities along with serious health issues. Here is the World’s fattest boy who wasn’t able to go to school because of his obesity.


Arya Permana is an Indonesian school boy who was recently titled the “World’s fattest boy”. Arya Permana has had a really rough childhood because of his obesity at such a young age. Arya wasn’t able to attend school because of restrictions caused by his weight.


After his parents finally noticed how unhealthy and obese he had gotten they decided to force him to diet and exercise. A lot of people wonder how the parents hadn’t seen the early signs of obesity and just brushed it off.


The main reason Arya Permana wasn’t able to attend school was because he wasn’t able to walk long enough. After losing a few pounds and dieting he was able to walk longer distances and start attending school again. This isn’t a struggle that a young kid should be going through.


Arya Permana’s parents decided to hire him a trainer to help expedite the weight loss process. After many months of training and good dieting he lost a good amount of excess weight.


This is Arya Permana after losing many pounds because of his trainer and his healthy dieting. Arya Permana can now walk longer distances and he is starting to feel like every other student. Arya stated ” I will keep losing weight until I am completely healthy”.

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