Women Reveal What They really Think About Your Penis Size

This is a question that is always brought up: Does size really matter? Here are women that reveal what they really think about your penis size.


Some women think that size does matter and other think otherwise. The most important thing is being confident.


” I lost my virginity to a guy with a huge penis, I didn’t know how big it was till I saw a couple after that”


Confidence is very important, “I dated a guy who had a micro penis and tried avoiding sex for the longest time, he finally gave it up and it was pretty amazing”


Sometimes it can be a little too big, ” I don’t understand how women would rather have a guy with a huge penis, it’s actually very painful”


Knowing how to use it is more important than the size, “I was dating a guy with an above average penis and it doesn’t really mean anything if he doesn’t know how to use it.”


Be confident with what you have received, don’t overthink the situation, just be calm and enjoy it.

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