Why Women Agree To Have Anal

It’s not the easiest thing to convince a girl to agree to having anal sex. It takes a lot of convincing and consistency. Here are why women agree to have anal sex.


Women like a guy that asks them and doesn’t try pulling the “wrong hole” move. Asking your girl is always a better idea, don’t try being sneaky.


Girls are into guys that are doctors, they feel like they can try new things with doctors. A doctor knows what he is talking about, and if he says anal sex is fun, the girl will believe his credibility.


The first time you ask a girl for anal sex there is a high possibility it’s a no. If you keep being consistent she might be interested.


Everybody wants to try something new, including anal sex. This is usually why women decide to give it a shot.


When women are on their period, anal sex might be their only option. Usually women that engage in anal sex for the first time are on their period.


This is the leading reason why women agree to having anal sex, being drunk. When a girl is drunk she wants to do wilder things.

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