Weird Jobs That Pay Insanely High Salaries

Majority of the people reading this are probably at work, bored. There are so many different weird jobs out there that pay insanely high salaries. Here are the top 7 weird jobs that pay insanely well.

A professional snuggler gets paid 60$ an hour, yes, 60$ an hour. This can be a pretty creepy job if you get the wrong clients.



A professional paper towel sniffer get anywhere from $19,000- 52,000. I wonder why there is such a big gap, the employee getting $52,000 probably has really good nostrils.



A water slide tester gets paid about $30,000. I wonder if these rides are tested before the tester gets on. Are they risking their lives for $30,000 a year?


A sex toy tester can get paid about $40,000, this is insane! Do people watch these people test these toys, or do they do it on their own?


This is probably the most awful one, a pet food tester get about $40,000. I wonder how it tastes, probably horrible.


A embalmer makes about $45,000 a year, an embalmer is the person that preserves the human body and takes care of it.


This is definitely the most dangerous and bad ass one. A bomb disposal diver gets about $100,000  a year. this is very dangerous, but the pay is also very good.


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