I do what I want (10 Photos)

Sometimes abiding the rules can be extremely boring. Here are 10 people that do whatever they want.


This is amazing! I love the person that took the picture. I wonder if this kid just walked into this bar, or did his parents try sneaking him in.


This guy was like, ” I’m not leaving my drink at the bar without my there.” I wonder why there is this rule.


When you aren’t creative enough this is what you do. Who are you tell you what my character can’t be?


When you want to see if the packaging is accurate. I wonder if the rice actually cooked in 89 seconds.


If the door is open, I will use that as an entrance. I don’t care about your little sign, I don’t want to walk to the other door.


Are you sure that this dress is never worn? This is hilarious, I love the person that decided to take a picture of this and post it online.


When you forget the model of your car. Imagine this car actually got towed, I would literally cry from laughter.


I have always wondered why people have fences that don’t really have a purpose. You can easily walk around this fence.


Are you sure that the pump doesn’t print receipt? I wonder if a customer decided to fix this printing problem.


Have you ever tried getting a tan with a bathing suit? It’s horrible, no one wants those horrible tan lines.



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