Usain Bolt Caught On Camera Dirty Dancing With A Girl Who Isn’t His Gf

But we just saw Usain Bolt with Kasi Bennett having a gala time together?

Woah, does that mean he is cheating on her? With pictures all over the web?

We never knew taking on the insights from the life of the fastest man on the Earth will be this colorful.

This is something big to ponder on. Usain Bolt was seen dirty dancing at a club with a really hot lady who appeared to be giving Usain the time of his life by twerking right in front of his D*ck. Oh, we wish that wasn’t so evident in the pictures we are about to share.

A twenty-year-old student from Rio has shared photos of what appears to be a good night in the bed with Usain Bolt. Jady Duarte shared Whatsapp pictures showing her wearing a white top and a naked torso with Usain while they lie in the bed next to each other embracing.

Bolt even seemed to be giving Duarte a kiss on the cheek while she clicked a picture.

I thought he had a girl who was probably his one and only.

And I heard they were about to tie the knot soon. I mean this is what we heard from his sister.

But Duarte seems to come in between like a suicidal encounter.

And what about the dirty twerking at the club.

Oh, we saw him right there celebrating his 30th birthday at a Rio night club.

While he grinds? I bet, Duarte wasn’t the only one to catch Usain’s eye.

At the flamboyant side, the sprinter took the stage at the De Bracos Albertas cub- delighting fans in progress.

But then what about these Whatsapp pictures that show them getting handy and stuff.

And a kiss on the cheeks with that embrace.

Duarte seriously invited a hell lot of trouble. Kasi’s on her way to you, girl.

We know the reason why he left early and not as planned. There might be a valid reason for missing the closing ceremony.

You need to stay in your line, Duarte. There is a reason we say, “Don’t touch what you can’t grab.”


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