Do You Have Such Two Holes On Your Back? This Is What It Says About You!

The owner of such two holes on their back are considered to be special.
Our body holds a great number of mysteries. Some people can read the lines on the palm to tell the past, present and the future. The other can read your character basing on the nose shape. We all strive to be attractive and pretty , and such natural peculiarities of our body, like dimples or freckles make us special and cute. There are some other kinds of dimples which show up on the lower back and are considered to be extremely sexy – Venus kind.

The story and the meaning of these dimples goes back to Roman Goddess Venus, that’s why most of the women have them. But what do they actually mean? Back holes are a sign of no special health risks, they are created by personal bone structure, body fat ratio and muscles.

However change in diet and way of life may change its visibility. Unfortunately we can’t choose whether to have them or not, as they are usually caused by genetics. Many people are trying to make them less visible, but in reality such dimples are extremely sexy, attractive and tell that the owner of this body really takes care of his health and general look. These two lovely dimples are a sign of an excellent circulation and healthy body, where circulation is the key element in achieving orgasm easily.

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