Things Men Do During $ex that Women Hate, If #3 Happens, Consider Divorce

In the moment of intimacy, we all have different tastes, but definitely the vast majority of people do not enjoy extreme sensations or certain fetishes that some men fantasize about doing. Girls are not like the porn stars you’re used to, so you have to treat them with the respect and care they deserve, or probably your only girlfriend is “Manuela” for a long time.
Pay attention if you are a man, so maybe your love encounters and enjoy some things that you did not believe possible, put aside that pose of alpha male, silver back, hair on chest, you are probably doing things wrong. These are 25 things men think are good at sex and women hate

Imitating Porn Stars

Not Reciprocating

Lack of Creativity

Not Exploring

Entering Without Asking

Never Wanting to Use a Rubber

Getting too aggressive

Pulling Hair Too Hard

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