Things That Can Happen To You When You Don’t Have Sex

Having sex isn’t always a want, it can be a necessity at times. Sex has a lot of different health benefits. Here are 7 things that can happen to your when you don’t have sex.


Engaging in sexual activities activates different parts of your brain. Not having sex can cause memory problems.


Not having sex can lower your confidence and also cause depression. Not having sex can cause you to be tense, nervous, and sad.


Having sex regularly decreases your chances of a heart attack. Not engaging in sex can lead to heart attack.


Women who don’t engage in sex for a long time will stop producing as much natural lube. Not being able to produce enough natural lube can keep them dry down there.


You will see a huge hike in your blood pressure if you are not engaging in sex. Sex relaxes your body and relives stress.


People that don’t engage in sex regularly tend to have bladder problems. Women’s pelvic muscles get stronger when they engage in sex more often.


Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by not having sex regularly. Use it before you aren’t going to be able to.


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