Teacher Who Got Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy Sentenced To 10 Years

I have never understood how these educated teachers make such horrible mistakes. Here is a middle school teach who got pregnant by a 13-year- old boy.



This is Alexandria Vera, a former middle school teacher. She is sentenced to 10 years in prison for having sex multiple times with a thirteen year old.


The student and Alexandria Vera met in Texas in 2015. The student had messaged Alexandria Vera via Instagram asking her to hang out with him. She took his offer and started to hang out with the 13-year old boy.



Alexandria Vera and the 13-year-old boy started meeting up after school to engage in sex. Other students also noticed that the student was grabbing Alexandria Vera’s butt and she was completely fine with it.



Alexandria Vera and her lawyers were extremely optimistic about them possibly receiving probation for her crime, but the judge was in charge of the case wanted to make an example of Alexandria Vera. “We want our educators to teach our students,” stated the judge. “We want them to keep their hands off the students.”

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