This Is How Submissive or Dominant You Are in the Bedroom Based on Your Zodiac Sign

In the bedroom there are few different personality types. The dominant type likes to take charge and be in control of the situation. The more submissive type finds pleasure in being told what to do. For others, they’re more of a switch–some days, running the show isn’t quite as great as letting someone else take the reigns and vice versa. Your zodiac sign can give you insight into what your sexy personality is.

Aries. An Aries is absolutely dominant. They know what they want and will boss you around (consensually of course) to get it. It helps them make sure they’re being completely satisfied during sex. They’re definitely into switching if its too much work though.

Taurus. Tauruses thrive in submission positions. They’re incredibly possessive so letting go in the bedroom just gives them added pleasure. They are also free of inhibitions so they’re usually willing to do a lot in bed.

Gemini. Making all the decisions in life can get pretty stressful but Gemini doesn’t mind it in the bedroom. They don’t like things to get repetitive and boring so they’re always ready to switch things up–even sometimes playing a more submissive role.

Cancer. Cancers are sensitive and thrive when other people run the show. This goes double for sex. They’re still full of incredibly sexy fantasies and are always willing to show and tell.

Leo. Never tell a Leo what to do if you know what’s good for you. They’re turned on by their partner worshipping them in the bedroom and know how to take charge and call all the shots. But don’t try to boss them around, unless you’re looking to be punished.

Virgo. Virgos are weighed down in life, taking on other people’s problems as their own and trying to help wherever they can. The bedroom is the one place they can let go and let someone else call the shots.

Libra. Making a decision is tough for Libras. They’re constantly changing their minds, which is why being submissive in the bedroom is so freeing to them. Someone else is calling the shots, allowing them to relax and just enjoy themselves.

Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their passion. Being the dominant in the bedroom comes naturally for them. They’re naturally aggressive which can make things very exciting in the bedroom. They’re not afraid to use anything to get the most pleasure out of their sexual encounters.

Sagittarius. Being submissive in the bedroom sounds like absolute hell to a Sagittarius. They prefer to be the one calling the shots and enjoy getting exactly what they want.

Capricorn. Hardworking Capricorns like to be the boss in life and in the bedroom. They enjoy the power that comes with being dominant but it doesn’t get to their heads. They’re also excellent at self-control.

Aquarius. Bossing around an Aquarius is not a good idea–unless it’s in the bedroom. Something about getting intimate relaxes them and causes them to enjoy being told what to do.

Pisces. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them but Pisces are incredibly adventurous in bed. Dominating people in the bedroom allows them to live their deepest fantasies.


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