There Is STD Going Around And It’s Symptoms Are Disturbing As F*ck

Just when you thought herpes was the worst that could happen, there is a brand new STD going around. The symptoms of this STD are disturbing as fuck! Scientists discovered Mycoglasma Genitalium – or MG, a new STD that several people might be affected with, without being aware of it!

More than half of women and 90% men do not report symptoms of this disease. It’s symptoms, are extremely disturbing and gross to say the least!

‘Why am I only hearing about this now?’

If you are asking this question, then you should know that scientists discovered this bacteria in 1980’s. But 90% of men and half of the women who suffered from this disease never reported it’s symptoms.
“So what are the symptoms?”

Several men and women do not show any symptoms. Common symptoms include pain for men in testicles and bleeding after sex for women!It can also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease!

“MG is associated with sexual risk behaviors!”

Researchers wrote: “For both men and women, MG was strongly associated with reporting sexual risk behaviours (increasing number of total and new partners, and unsafe sex, in the past year).”

No one knows what implications STD might have!

Even doctors don’t know what damage can further be caused by STI! MG is a common disease in people who have had more than four sexual partners in a year.


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