Remember Ex-Olympian McKayla Maroney? She’s All Grown Up And Bares It All (25 Photos)

McKayla Maroney is a former American Olympic gymnast. She was dubbed one of the
Do you remember McKayla Maroney from the Olympics?

A very talented little gymnast? She was highly skilled and super flexible, remember her?

Here she is with her team members at the Olympics.

The Fierce Five on gold in the team competition in 2012. McKayla is on the far left.
You probably know her from this viral meme.

If you didn’t watch the Olympics and can’t remember her for her athletic ability, you’ll definitely remember her for the viral “not impressed” meme.

Everyone responds to Internet fame differently.

McKayla loved the attention. She began relishing it, ever since she became an Internet sensation.

Because of multiple injuries, she had to put her gymnastic career on hold.

She fractured her tibia on the uneven bars during the 2012 Kellogg’s tour. McKayla needed knee surgery and she was totally willing to push through all the pain, but unfortunately she had to retire in 2016

The Olympic medalist did an interview with Gymcastic and said she wouldn’t compete in elite gymnastics anymore.

“The reason why I wanted to go to this next Olympics – I finally figured it out. I wanted to show people that when everyone else is up against them, they can get through the struggle and the pain and do it because they love something.” McKayla explained.

“One day I was sitting outside and I was like ‘Why am I doing this?'”

“Yeah it’s cool that I want to do it and help inspire people but I didn’t know how to be okay with not being a gymnast. I go to a Starbucks or Jamba Juice or anything and they’re like ‘Are you going to the next one?’ Until the other day, I was not OK with saying no and I had no choice in my mind with being something else.” She added, “I’m just ready to put my worth and value into something else. I’m just ready to be excited about something else. I just got so bored with being unhealthy.”

She’s became a full time Instagrammer.

The ex-athlete has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. All of her fans and some trolls were there to see the ex-gymnast transform in front of their very eyes.

MacKayla surprised some by announcing she was getting into the music industry.

“For the last year, I was just figuring out my sound. I’ve loved writing songs since I was really young. I thought I was going to be like Sia and sell my songs to people. But after they were done, I was like, ‘I’m not going to sell these to anybody! I want to sing them.'”

“I’m just ready to be excited about something else.”

The now 21-year-old star added, “And I can finally officially say that I’ve got some cool stuff on the way for you guys. Hope you like dancing.”

The fit beauty surprised her 1.2 million Instagram fans with a twerking video that went viral back in May of 2017.

Her racy video received mix reviews from her followers. It caused some fans to question whether or not that she had implant surgery. The Instagram star assured everyone it was real. One follower commented, “Fake a%$# are disgusting, take that silicone out.”


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