She Was Raped 43,200 Times And Now Fights For Sex Trafficking Victims

An innocent girl was forced into human trafficking industry of Mexico. Now she speaks about her agony and the brutal acts she had to go through.

Meet the brave girl, Karla Jacinto (23). She believes that she has been raped for almost 43,200 times. She was forced to have sex with at least 30 men every day continuously for four years, CNN reports.

After getting out of that hell, she shared the story of her survival via press conferences, public events etc. She also spoke to the Pope Francis at the Vatican and urged to the US Congress to prevent other young girls who might be dragged away from their loved ones

Ms. Karla Jacinto.

A 22-year-old trafficker targetted Karla when she was just 12. He took her away from her family in Tenancingo. Tenancingo, Mexico, widely considered as the sex trafficking capital of the world and is the single largest source of sex slaves sent to the US, according to the US State Department. In an interview with CNN, Karla told that she stayed with her trafficker for three months, after which she was transported to Guadalajara (One of the nation’s largest cities) before being dragged into prostitution. She said, “I started at 10 am and finished at midnight. Some men would laugh at me because I was crying. I had to close my eyes so that that I wouldn’t see what they were doing to me so that I wouldn’t feel anything.”

Her sufferings

Jacinto was brutally attacked by her trafficker after he spotted some kiss marks on her neck by a customer. She said, “He started beating me with a chain all over my body. He punched me with his fists, he kicked me, and pulled my hair, spit at me in the face. He also burned me with the iron”. She also claimed in a shocking incident, that a rescue operation by the police turned into a disgusting event when she found the officers filming ten year old little girls in some ‘compromising positions’.

Mexico carries a bitter truth.

There is an astounding estimation of 20,000 trafficking victims every year in Mexico, according to the International Organization for Migration. According to a study in 2010 by the University of Tlaxcala, 20% of children in the town seek to be a pimp, and the two-thirds of them know at least one family member or friend who has worked as a trafficker or a pimp.


Jacinto was finally saved in 2008 from Mexico City. Now she is fighting for this Nobel cause and is an advocate against human trafficking.

Let’s pray that no one else has to go through such experience ever. Share this article if you think Jacinto’s story can inspire people all around the world.

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