People Share Most Awkward Moments While Being Friends With A Pornstar

I wouldn’t mind having some friends like this for those boring weekend

Surprisingly there are a lot of buddies of pornstars on Reddit.

The question was asked on Reddit: Platonic friends of pornstars, what is the best, worst, and/or most awkward story from your friendship with him/her?

1. I have a very sweet friend who is a pornstar. She’s like any other friend, only sometimes she might hand you a brochure full of pictures of her asshole. That’s fine.

Edit: Her name is Ela Darling and she’s a goddamn pioneer in VR porn, and just launched a new VR porn service called CAM4VR. Worth a look if you’re a perv with a VR headset. She also did a really funny youtube show recently called Boss Bitches Of History. Go check it out.

2. Sounds like my buddy Joe:

Dated a porn star, but in high school we were just friends. When we were dating, she confessed that she REALLY wanted me to ask her out when we were in high school, because she was horny 24/7, and wanted an outlet.

I can still hear 15/16yo me screaming from the past.

3. Dated a porn star, but in high school we were just friends. When we were dating, she confessed that she REALLY wanted me to ask her out when we were in high school, because she was horny 24/7, and wanted an outlet.

I can still hear 15/16yo me screaming from the past.

4. Talking way too much about dicks is always a sign

Was friends in high school with Carter Cruise. Very smart girl (dad had hopes for her to go to a top business school and become a stock broker), but she had this odd habit of always talking about dicks (picture Jonah Hill’s character in Superbad). Made the teachers, other students very uncomfortable. All makes sense now. Someone followed this story up with:

She was in a sorority at my university, I was pretty shocked realizing “she” was the one that became a pornstar, nice girl and a lot of fun

5. Roomie Porn

Roommates with a porn star. We got an “cease and desist” letter, legally served, from our landlords. They accused her of being a prostitute (she’s not).

Every single incident the landlord claimed was a violation was something I did, not her.

  • Constant stream of guys coming in / out of the house – buddies of mine. All flaming homosexuals.
  • Sex noises. Again, me. She kept work at work or at her boyfriend’s house.
  • Videography on the premises. People coming in and out of the apartment with video cameras. Me – doing a cosplay video with aforementioned buddies.
  • Walking around common areas in revealing clothing. She never left the house in anything much less than a trenchcoat and boots. She’s the kind of beautiful where she’d get cat called or harassed if she dressed at all provocatively. Meanwhile I’d walk the dog in a bathrobe, or get the mail in my underwear. If any neighbors complained, they were complaining about me.

6. Shoot or leave

when I was younger (like sophmore in highschool) my friend invited me to a hotel party with his friends who were college aged and older. He warned me on the drive there that there is a chick who is a porn star and another dude who is also one. Being the young horn dog I was, I got pretty eager to show up and see a porn star in real life.

When we arrived, everything was cool. The offered me drinks, we laughed and played music. I didn’t recognize either one of them but they seemed really chill. About an hour into my arrival most of the girls were getting naked/lightly dressed. I thought this was fuckin awesome. I wanted to see this porn chick naked, but they (her and other porn dude)disappeared and I assumed they went for a quickie. Being nosey, I walked into the other room at the hotel to seem them both stark naked and she seemed to be passed out on the floor. Dude stood up and asked me to help him or leave. They were shooting up heroin and wanted me to help him shoot up. I walked out and had another friend pick me up. I dont fuck with that dog food. Really odd experience for me, glad I left.

7. I would smell her butt

I know Mindy Main or Dez as she’s known around Olympia, WA. My roommate invited her over one night before I met her. I had no idea she was at my home when I went downstairs in my underwear to get a banana (perfect timing for a banana) we introduced ourselves and I casually mentioned I was a fan (this was a bit right after her disappearance from the industry.) She was excited I was a fan and she quickly went from 10 to meet me to 100. She pulled me in for a kiss and let me touch her vage a bit. Her and my roommate were on meth and I didn’t know. She started roaming around my condo naked, playing my roommates upright bass, smeared her period blood on her face like war paint. I went up stairs to not cock block my roommate, buy i was a lil pervert and decided to listen to their convo. He was just trying to fuck and she kept on asking him to smell her butt (I’d do it.) I got a few pics. Here’s one of us and the banana

8. At least he has a chance for a 2nd job

I knew a gay porn star and the most awkward thing was reading a review of one of his films where he was described as “purring and moaning like a chupacabra bitch in heat”.

9. These commercials use to be my porn

Not really pornstars, but I grew up with two girls who did a lesbian scene together for Girls Gone Wild. They were both pretty in a trailer park kinda way, but their personalities were shit. During high school, at a river party, some 50-ish year old guy paid them $100 each to sit topless on his boat while he jerked off. One dropped off the map after picking up a heroin habit, the other is one happily married with two kids and is a teller at my bank.

10. Runs in the family

A friend of mine was a male porn star. I used to give him rides to shoots and stuff. I got to mingle with a lot of very beautiful actresses, and sometimes hang out on set between shoots. Well, one day a few of the actresses and I were standing out by the parking lot smoking cigarettes, when this dude that looked like a slightly taller Danny Devito rolls up in a bright fucking pink Cadillac Deville. He looked like a total sleaze bag. Gold chains, half buttoned hound’s tooth shirt, exploding chest hair, the whole 9 yards.

He walks up to us and grabs one of these girls by the arm and starts dragging her to his car. I’m just standing there in shock. All the while, she’s promising that she’ll never do it again and, and begging that he doesn’t tell her mom. After the shock wears off, I yell inside that some greasy motherfucker was stealing one of the girls. Within seconds, about 6 male porn stars and a bouncer come running out. They pull the girl away and proceed to beat the ever-living shit out of this guy, in his car. He peels ass out of the parking lot and was never to be seen again.

Turns out, he was some kind of rival porn director/pimp. He caught word that she was shooting for someone else and tried to take her back. Apparently the girl’s mother had no clue she did porn, and the dude was threatening to tell her. The girl cried for about an hour, then decided to come clean to her mom before this dude told her.

Well, as she’s standing there talking to her mom, I notice an immediate night and day difference in her mood. Apparently her mom did porn in the 80’s to help support the family after her dad died. Then told her not to worry about anything and how proud she was to have a daughter ballsy enough to tell her. Tears of shame quickly turned to tears of happiness. I saw her a few times after that, but I think she stopped doing porn.

11. This guy is living the dream!

A notable pornstar is a frequent house guest of mine, and has recently volunteered using our backyard for pornshoots. She actually took me as her guest to the AVN’s in Vegas a few months back. I live in the San Fernando Valley, so it’s not all that uncommon out here, being the capital of the porn industry and all. Every so often, I come home from work to make lunch if time is permitting, and one time I came home to a porno shoot involving four women having an orgy in our jacuzzi in the backyard. I asked if it was okay if I stayed out back and watched, and promised I wouldn’t disturb them. So there I sat, munching on my chicken and rice, while the four of them munched on eachother.

TLDR: Platonic friends with Pornstar. Came home to four pornstars shooting a lesbian orgy scene in my backyard unexpectedly

12. Nothing wrong with popping a chub for your cuz

I have a cousin who does porn. She’s really open about it and posts on facebook about her shoots. A couple times, I’ve seen naked pictures put up before they got flagged.

But the weirdest one was when she was in my area for work and came to visit. We were hanging out in the living room chatting and playing video games until she had to head out for her shoot. She had to change from her baggy sweatpants and T-shirt into a fancy red dress. But rather than head to another room like a normal person, she just stripped right there in the living room. And I mean completely naked. All without breaking conversation. It was so uncomfortable. Half of me was like “eww, that’s your cousin, gross dude.” While the other half was thinking “booooobs!” Admittedly, she is pretty attractive, so I snuck a couple peeks, but mostly turned away.

I still don’t know if she did it to intentionally make things awkward or if she was just that comfortable being naked. Still a weird day either way.

13. We call her, Dead Red

My ex was friends with a pornstar in high school. She said the girl was pretty dramatic, and decided to run off to California to become one after her boyfriend refused to have anal with her. She stayed in California for about 4 years, and was dating her manager, which I’ve heard is a pretty common situation. Then he dumped her and moved on to the next, and she returned to WV, and is now the assistant manager of a shopping mall shoe store.

She used to have a facebook that my ex would show me sometimes, but I never really watched any of her porn since redheads aren’t really my thing.

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