I have been to 8 Bachelor parties including my own. They all had their moments of “WHAT THE F*CK”! But after reading this Reddit thread… Man, I went to church parties. WTF!

I want everyone to pause before they get into this thread… Take this commenters advice: I literally proposed yesterday. This is not a good thread for me to be lurking in…

On our Podcast today, Burns brought up this wild story from this thread about the groom and best man getting it on at the bachelor party. He didn’t have all of the details so we tracked down the Reddit thread, WHICH HAS EXPLODED with stories now. Here is the first one I was talking about (which ended up being all of the details… Thanks, Burns.) and a bunch more juicy ones.

The best man and groom having one last fuck in a strip club bathroom

– Maybe he was just performing his best man duties.

UPDATE: There was a 2nd story about Best Man and Groom banging:

Went to a friend’s bachelor party as a DD. Everyone was very drunk. Groom decided to have sex with the best man in the middle of a public parking lot… this was when we realized he liked men. Needless to say his now wife still doesn’t know he likes to have sex with men.

This one will make all of you guys thinking about getting married question the Bachelorette party. We are getting info from the entertainment:

I have a freind that is a male stripper. He tried to convince me that it’s a great way to make (quite a bit) side money on the weekends and he almost had me convinced until he told me this: Apparently, bachelorette parties almost always devolve into everyone getting piss drunk and getting waaaaay too handsy. His says he’s been propositioned for sex by the bride-to-be on many occasions. His theory is that the type of woman that will hire a couple male strippers is the type of woman that will fuck them and then walk down the aisle to her future husband the very next day. That’s also why he says he’ll NEVER get married. I want no part of that regardless of how good the money is.

This one doesn’t surpise me. I have been on a crusie where I watched the bride to be hook up with another dude.

I went to a Bachelorette party in Vegas that ended with two girls getting arrested. The maid of honor getting kicked out of the hotel for having drugs on her. The brides sister disappering for two days — n0 cellphone — no communcation. And a bride that had sex with three different dudes in those two nights. Her sister caught up with us on the plane and the bride got an STD. They are still married.


There is no surprise that this marriage didn’t last very long:

Not a party but the rehearsal dinner. Groom’s father reaches out and grabs a hand full of bride to be’s ass, she turns around and he sticks his hand up her skirt and up her crotch.

She quickly jumps back, surprised and upset. Then she responds with… “Stop it. You are going to make me blush”

His son came over and both his dad and fiance acted as if nothing. How did we find out about this? We watched the video the photographer took of that night.


UPDATE: You all are wondering what happened after. The wedding went on as planned. The couple made it past a year (not much) before calling it quits. There is no indication they saw the video. The guy and his dad have a great relationship so I am guessing, no they did not see the video OR they are just THAT weird. Like a lot of you, I too wonder why none of his/her friends who say the video spoke up. I put my money on the affair camp. I wold not be surprised in anything was going on between the guy’s father and the bride. That is what makes sense to me.

The image of him sucking Face with the Walmart girl is going to haunt me:

I attended an old college friend’s bachelor party, worst that happened that night was he got a lapdance. His fiancee knew about that, allegedly. Couple of weeks later I am out getting a few drinks with another group of friends. We have too many drinks and think it’s a great idea to go to this scummy dive bar (think the kind of place the Always Sunny gang would find homely). Lo and behold he was there in a shady booth, inspecting the tonsils of a vintage Walmart ham beast. He is clearly wasted and doesn’t see me, I get another drink, figuring I will get up the nerve to do something. Spoiler alert I do jack shit, he leaves with the girl after performing a digital cervical inspection of his prize for the evening. No idea what happened that night (he lived with his fiancee) but a couple of weeks later I get an email saying the wedding is off. Still friends with both of them on facebook, but yeah they are not together anymore.

I have heard a very similar story about a kid I went to high school with:

My best friend got married a few months ago. He grew up conservative christian, the type where they had purity rings and the whole thing. We’re only 20, so I think he was just sick of not being able to bone his girlfriend and that’s why they did it.

Anyway, they decided on a destination wedding and 10 of us went to the Caribbean for a few days to some all inclusive over spring break, on her dad’s dime. They got married on a Sunday, and we decided to do separate bachelor/bachelorette parties Friday. Basically we’re all shitfaced when we lose the groom in some club. He was talking to a group of girls about our single buddies who they clearly wanted to fuck, and then nothing. No one can see him. Me and my Boyfriend were over the whole thing, honestly, and decide to be those assholes who leave early. We go outside and decide to find a cab. We’re walking a little from the bar to ask a cab that parked if it can take us back when my boyfriend starts laughing hysterically and says ‘jesus christ, I didn’t realize his dick was that tiny’ and I look over to find him getting a blowjob from the girl he was talking to in an alley. She was just going to town. I don’t think anyone but himself had touched his dick ever.

Why he decided to do this two days out from getting to fuck his wife I don’t know. But he did, we never told, and he got married.

And the final one… Proving that you can’t trust anybody

I had sex with the bride-to-be and her best friend, after her fiancé left. Simultaneously ashamed and proud.

The bachelorette party was in a hotel room, and when the evening was winding down the best friend and I went into “our” room which was being shared by the bride since there were two beds. We were decently drunk and started going at it and the bride was just watching us, eventually she said she wanted to fool around with us so I watched them for a bit then joined in when the bride “presented” herself while going down on her friend. Definitely the hottest sex of my life.

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