OMG Awkward Pregnancy Photo

These pregnancy photos are the most awkward photos I have ever seen, I wonder who came up with the idea of taking photos like these.


Somebody has to pay for the bills, they aren’t going to pay themselves! I would suggest maybe working at a different place.


This woman should not be able to have a child, she is so wrong on so many different levels. How can you ruin your unborn child’s life?


What is going on here? They definitely posted the wrong photo. Someone please explain to me what is going on here.


When you’re trying to throw shade at your teenage pregnant daughter. This is so unnecessary, why can’t you just congratulate her?


“We are having a special today, if you get a haircut you get one free pregnancy test. This is a once in a lifetime offer.”


Iowa does not mess around, if you are not married they don’t want you to have a child. Iowa really wants everyone to get married first.


What is going on here? Why would you agree to take a picture like this? I feel like they are having a daughter and the dad is sending a message to any future boyfriends.


The trailer park wedding, this is so funny, I wonder if they are related at all. They photo shopped a cigarette in the girl’s hand a beer in the guy’s hand, hilarious!


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