Millionaire Dad Hires Strippers For His Son’s 12th Birthday Party

Being a preteen is great. You have nothing to worry about other than impressing your friends and getting good grades at school. Adulthood is still a good few years off and dating is something which is only just starting to cross your mind.

But one 12-year-old is unlikely to be interested in girls his own age after his millionaire dad hired him strippers for his birthday.

The age of consent varies around the world, but, generally speaking, minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to legally have sex, or engage in sexual behavior. While underage sexuality activity inevitably occurs, it’s only a problem if one of the parties is an adult.

Even the content which minors are allowed to view is strictly monitored. If a movie is certified a PG-13 in the US, it will not contain any nudity, but it will likely have themes which parents of children under the age of 13 do not want them to see, such as drug use.

Us adults know how immature we were as preteens. Twelve-year-olds are typically easily influenced and do not have a huge amount of foresight about the potential consequences of their actions. What’s more is that they are only just starting puberty.

But this dad has shocked the world after hiring strippers for his son’s TWELFTH BIRTHDAY. Take a look at the shocking evidence for yourself:

Many parents worry about their children watching pornography because of the influence which it could have on the relationships they form as adults, so when the above clip of a 12-year-old dancing with strippers was posted to social media, people were outraged.

The shocking incident took place in the US and footage of it was uploaded to YouTube where it was revealed in the video’s description that the strippers had been hired for the boy’s 12th birthday party by his millionaire dad. The strippers were arranged as a surprise.

According to EstrellaTV, the women had been hired by the boy’s dad with the intent of turning his “son into a man”.

The video opens with the young boy sitting between the two strippers and being encouraged to grope the black-haired stripper’s breasts.

It then cuts to the boy being gyrated against by the black-haired woman, clearly having had his shirt removed. As this happens, he is surrounded by party-goers who are recording the event on their mobile phones.

The boy’s dad is there the entire time, smiling, and encouraging his son to act in a sexual manner with the strippers.

The 12-year-old laughs as he gropes the black-haired stripper’s thong-clad behind.

The footage has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. While the response has been predominately critical, some people praised the boy’s dad for choosing to give him such an adult present.

At one point, his face is even placed between the black-haired breasts as the blonde-haired stripper encourages him to “motorboat” her.

A viewer named Marco Scodorbe said his dad “deserves a medal”.

Another viewer, Gomera, added, “Would it be the same reaction if it were a 12-year-old girl with male strippers?”

Alan Ancuna similarly wrote, “What would happen if we would turn the situation around? A 12-year-old girl with two half-naked men dancing, would it not be wrong?”

While the boy’s dad might have thought that he was using his money to make his son happy, giving him an experience that many other boys his age only dream of, it could have a number of detrimental effect for him in the future.

The fact that the boy’s dad bought the strippers says a lot about his attitude to women – that they are playthings which exist solely to be objectified and gratify men, which is setting a dangerous example for his son. Now, if he begins to date a girl his own age, he may expect her to act in a similar manner to the strippers.

The age of consent in the US varies between 16 to 18, so we hope that the boy’s dad is suitably reprimanded for his actions.

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