Mia Khalifa Responds To The Internet Rumor That She “Retired” For Being HIV Positive

You need to come with a lot of evidence to take someone down on the internet these days. With all of the fake news out there people are numb to what is really “real”. Internet people were ready finally destroy their least favorite person.

Despite any factual evidence, Twitter users have been spreading the nasty rumor about Mia Khalifa having contracted HIV. That is why she had to leave porn. She didn’t really retire.

Claiming someone has AIDs is a big fucking leap. There are 2 types of people on the internet. Ones that take anything and go with it and others who need proof.

Some people wanted actual proof.


And that is what Mia gave them:

She started by referencing “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia” from the episode where Frank claims he has aids so he can skip the line at the pool.

She ended the convo with one more great tweet:

UPDATE: she is not done


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