London’s First Ever Naked Restaurant – Take a look inside

Ever Imagined, had it been no clothes custom, How would it feel like.?

Well this new restaurant in London U.K took it seriously and launched the first ever naked restaurant  – ‘The Bunyadi‘ which is Hindi Origin name and means fundamental, The base or the core. It’s 42 people seater restaurant and already 46,000 registrations are made..!!

This restaurant created a buzz amidst people and everyone’s eager to give it a visit.

Well, it is not only famous for its naked policy but there’s a lot more to it. Scroll down to find out..!

1- Nudity Is Optional Here:

Naked restaurant

There will be two sections – ‘Clothed’ & ‘Unclothed’. The visitors will be given robes upon arrival, they can either take it off or wear it while dining. The robes will also act like cushion so that visitors are free of worrying about the place is already occupied by a naked butt that wasn’t theirs.

2- No Body shaming:





The staff wasn’t asked to strip naked while interviewing. This explains everything. No body shamers allowed..!!!

3- Menu with no hot soups and broths – ‘For Obvious Reasons’

naked restaurant

Safety of people- menu doesn’t have any dish or delight which is served hot to avoid burning due to mishandling.

4- Free From Trappings of Modern Life:

naked restaurant

No cell phones and other gadgets allowed here. This restaurant is totally working on maintaining relations. 😀 Parents would love to take their children here, nudity is an exception of course.

5- Safety first, So no cooking naked :

naked restaurant

But the serving staff cover bits and butts only so that the customers feel comfortable.

6- The food will be served in handmade clay plates with edible cutlery: 

naked restaurant

Yum it sounds already…!!!!


7- Visitors here will be served vegan and non-vegan dishes.

The food will organic and preservative-free and there will be no electricity as well so one can only have  candlelight meals. – book a date here guys 😀

naked restaurant


8- Just 60 Pounds to this amazing place ..!

naked restaurant


What do you think about dining naked…? Tell us in the comment section below.



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