Kylie Jenner Shows Us That She’s Not 17 Anymore

Kylie is one of the hottest growing social figures of our time. She was just a baby a couple years ago but these photos prove she’s not a 17 year old anymore! She has evolved to be another hot Kardashian babe!

#1 All grown up

Kylie looks like a full on adult here in her photo shoot, how did she get so hot in just a few years? What a babe!


Check out those curves… Kylie truly evolved into one of the hottest Kardashians. This poses the question, are those natural or did she pay for them? Check out the next one!

#3 Stunning

Kylie looks stunning in this photoshoot and if you didnt know who she was you would think shes much older than her actual age.

#4 Hottest 18 yr old

Damn Kylie! You pose in front of that G WAGON like a goddess. Tyga is one lucky many.. she will be hot for years to come.

#5 Bang!

I’m sure Kylie’s mom is proud of her for all her hotness and success. Kylie is one baaaaad woman!

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