This Kid Who Went Viral For His Smoking Habit Has Made A Stunning Life Transformation

Remember the two-year-old who was addicted to smoking cigarettes?

Aldi Rizal became a viral sensation when he was two years old because of his very strange addiction.

This little boy was a chain-smoking. That’s right!

At just two-years-old, Aldi was hooked on smoking. He smoked a whopping 40 cigarettes a day.

But that was six years ago, Aldi, who’s now eight, has turned his life upside down in just a few years.

The chain-smoking toddler attracted international headlines when the story of his addiction to smoking first broke.

Here he is at the peak of his addiction.

It goes without saying that smoking is terrible for your health.

According to statistics, one out of every two long-term smokers will eventually be killed by their destructive habit.

Aldi was one of the youngest smokers the world had ever seen, he was clearly on a bad path.

His family had previously tried to steer him away from smoking, but there was more trouble heading his way.

Aldi was able to drastically cut down his smoking habit, but there was bad news on the way.

Unfortunately, Aldi traded one addiction for another.

Aldi filled the void by eating.

When he was five years old, Aldi had almost kicked in his nicotine habit. But he traded his addiction to nicotine with another different and dangerous addiction: Junk food.

He soon weighed close to 56 pounds on a diet of sweets and condensed milk.

His family had trouble dealing with his new addiction.

His mom said:

“He eats a lot. With so many people in the house it’s hard to stop him getting food.”

The first few years of Aldi’s life were very unhealthy.

But because of his young age, it was easier to turn his life around.

Thanks to dedication and willpower as well as the support of his family, Aldi soon found himself on the right path.

He’s now eating a more balanced diet, and the results show. He also has managed to stay away from cigarettes.

He’s also managed to stay away from cigarettes.

It’s been six years since Aldi first made international headlines.

In that short amount of time, this youngster has dealt with devastating addictions to both smoking and eating.

But thankfully, at the age of eight, things are looking up for him and his family!

Good job Aldi!

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