Justin Bieber Grabbed By The Throat After Putting Cigarette Out On Rapper

Justin Bieber has been pictured being grabbed by the throat in a nightclub for being a complete bellend, which will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone.

The 22-year-old rapscallion was partying in a club in Houston, when he suddenly got the urge to stub his cigarette on the arm of rapper Post Malone, who is one of the opening acts on Bieber’s Purpose tour.

It was clearly too late to say sorry for Bieber, because images then emerged of Malone appearing to grab his throat.

It’s not clear whether the two incidents were linked, but if some snotty-nosed kid with shit songs burnt you with a Lambert & Butler, you probably wouldn’t just laugh it off and invite him around to your mum’s house for a Sunday roast, would you?

Some really funny guy on Twitter also took the opportunity to create a masterful Photoshop picture that should probably be hung up in a museum.

EDIT: Since this article was published, Post Malone has taken to Twitter to clarify that he wasn’t chokeslamming Bieber, and that they were just a couple of mates taking the

LATER: “Justin Bieber mocks choking encounter by grabbing Post Malone’s throat after rapper tweets they just ‘like to rough house” as published by Dailymail UK

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