Guy Live Streams Sex On Facebook With Girls Father Tagged

When the dad checked his FB notifications he probably went fully triggered!

This is a great way to get completely cut off for the rest of your life. Not to mention look like a dirty girl / pornstar when you back up to college.

I am not going to jump right out of the gate and started shitting on the girl here for being a hoe. Mainly because I know this was the dudes idea. Her Dad didn’t like him before, I wouldn’t be surprised if he murdered him now.

These two Romeo & Juliets decided to use the family vacation home even after they were told no. While they were at it, they drank all the booze in the place and started broadcasting everything on Periscope.

John Mayer look-a-like got the bright idea to throw that stream on Facebook! Why the hell not. 33 people had already seen his dick, roll the dice and see if you can get triple digits.

They work their way around the house doing stuff that we can’t even show. (SEX) All with really creepy eye contact. I can just see one of his friends sitting in a dark room watching this stream with his pants down. Catching the eye-to-eye and ruining his night.

Seriously, the eye contact on this video is terrifying. John Mayer doubled down on his 3rd shitty idea of the weekend and hit the girls Dad with an @TAG…..

What goes through your head, “Daddy didn’t like me before… Tag him on FB and make him watch?”

Fucking kids these days… No chill. No fear of what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month…

Just RAWDOGGING IN FRONT OF POPS… I HAVE SEEN IT ALL. The stream was removed (we are assuming by Facebook – these two don’t seem like the type to think they should take that shit down) But nothing on the internet really deletes.

I shouldn’t have to tell you guys this by now. But we are required to put questionable content with full warnings. HERE IS YOUR MUTHAFUCKING WARNING! NSFW VIDEO BELOW!


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