Guy On Instagram Photoshops Himself In Celebrity Pictures And The Results Are Awesome

When you can’t take the pictures you would want with your favorite celebrities, what do you do? Just photoshop yourself in those photos. Here is a guy on Instagram that photoshops himself in celebrity pictures and the results are awesome.


This guys photoshopped himself getting a headlock by one of his favorite rappers, Kanye West. It actually looks pretty good.


The guys put his own picture over the original picture of Beyonce and Jay Z, now it looks like Beyonce is sitting on his lap.


Just hanging out and checking out pictures with one of his favorite female singers, Rihanna. Look how happy they look together.


You know, just hanging out with Beyonce and Blue Ivy in the bath tup. I wonder who the guy


Kanye West who? Oh there is Kanye in the back looking into this guy’s soul ready to kill him. The photoshops look so good.


When you and Jay-Z become good friends and you are trying to have him calm down before things get escalated.


Not only did this guys put himself in the same picture and Rihanna, but he also put an angry Chris Brown in the corner.

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