Guy Gets Revenge By Banging Dudes Ex Girlfriend And By Posting After Sex Selfies

A lot of people have taken the word SAVAGE and blown it into the over said zone. I am one of those people, I would lie. BUT THIS DUDE IS SAVAGE!

Anyone can say they are going to bang your girlfriend. This guy said it, did it and SNAPPED IT ALL!

Just imagine waking up and getting on Snapchat just to see your ex getting plowed by your “friend”.

According to Reddit, the reason they broke up was because he was a “psycho and couldn’t let things go. He would take her phone for the day just so she wouldn’t text other boys” 

He stalked her in an effort to win her back (good plan bro) and finally gave up. That is when a mutual friend stepped up and decided he was going to bang her on Snapchat.

Lucky guy…


He pulled a Babe Ruth and called his shot! I respect that.


The plan worked! They banged posted it on Snapchat and he flipped his shit!


There is probably going to be a fight on campus Monday! SAVAGE ASS DUDE!












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