Guy Adds David Attenborough Voiceover As Couple Get Intimate In Street

This guy discovered a couple having sex in an alleyway in Barnsley and decided to do a David Attenborough-style commentary over the top and it’s hilarious.

If you saw a couple having sex in broad daylight, in the middle of an alleyway how would you respond? Some would feel incredibly awkward and run a mile while others would call the police, but this guy had other ideas…

Denzill Smith decided to film the whole bizarre scenario unfolding in front of him on the streets of Barnsley.

He then took the hilarious decision to overlay a David Attenborough-style commentary over the top, although his narration was a whole lot less complimentary for the couple in question and the visuals, a different kind of spectacular.

Here’s the jaw-dropping clip:

He commentated:

Today on planet earth in Barnsley, Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between one hippopotopig and one female rhinoceros.

In the footage, a man with his trousers round his ankles, with his shoes discarded in pure, shameless, passion can be seen getting down to it, in a highly comprising position in the street, with a woman wearing black stilettos.

After filming the x-rated footage, the 31-year-old hurried back to his friends to explain what he’d discovered going on in the alleyway and couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

He then posted the video to Facebook, where thousands of people expressed their outrage and amusement at the animalistic display of lust going on in the Yorkshire town.

After gaining a lot of traction online, the shockingly brazen footage was taken down this morning after breaking Facebook’s sexual content rules.

He explained:

I uploaded it yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon but I’d filmed it on Sunday morning outside a night club at 6.15am.

It was dead everywhere and I’m assuming the couple had been out all night then started having sex.

Facebook removed the clip and banned me from posting anything because someone reported it.

I’m guessing with how sneaky they were about it they were a real couple who were caught up in the moment.

It was funny and I’m glad that lots of people who watched it thought it was hilarious, too.

But they should really have found a room to go back, though behind a wall is better than in full view of everyone, I suppose.

Wow, well that was one highly illegal and hugely inappropriate way to display your public affection. It seems some people have some major difficulties in controlling their urges…

Even though hippopotopig is a great term – although probably hugely offensive – I don’t remember Planet Earth being anything like this. What would David Attenborough say?

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