These Have To Be The Most Embarrassing Uniforms Ever

Uniforms are usually a must when you’re on a team, or an employee. The worst part is when the uniforms are extremely embarrassing. Here are 10 of the most embarrassing uniforms ever.


This was the Chicago White Sox uniforms in the 70s, look at their shorts, and their giant collars. Who’s idea was this? Wearing shorts during a baseball game can be very painful.


This dude doesn’t look like a dude, someone tell him to change his pants. He may have one the race but he lost the uniform battle.


The worst part about this uniform is that it isn’t ripped, it’s like that. I guess if you are a long distance swimmer you can’t hold it in the whole race.


These gymnasts usually don’t wear much underneath their uniforms, because they need comfort, this girl literally has nothing underneath.


These girls are wearing a bright red jumpsuit, and it looks like there is too much red. I guess they had a budget they really couldn’t pass.


Meet the cameltoe team, this is so bad! Do they not try these uniforms on before they wear it on the big day?


These uniforms are so awful, this is the Norwegian curling team, and this is how hideous and embarrassing their uniforms are.


The Muskegon Lumberjacks had pretty interesting idea for “Beach Day”, this is probably my favorite uniform out of all of these.


These are some flight attendants that are wearing their mandatory uniforms, the girl’s facial expression on the right says it all.


C’mon USA, you can do better than these uniforms, you’re making your olympians looks like they just peed.



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