Dude Accidentally Catches Couple Banging Behind Tree While Playing Pokémon Go

I didn’t know this many people were still out there playing Pokemon go! This guy found what he was looking for and then some!

On the hunt for some rare Pokemon this guy turned down an alley into an abandoned area. It just didn’t happen to be abandoned today.

He got his Pikachu and a little show for the road!

I just love the people going at its faces.

The guy who uploaded the video wrote” I was out there trying to catch them all and hurt someone getting mugged. I thought they wanted to catch these hands. It was not a mugging. Just caught a couple getting their smush on…:” 

Clearly, that wasn’t the original uploader and just a guy making a joke on the re-upload but I love the story!







Look at Pikachu’s face… So disappointed.


And the action



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