These Drug Lord Kids’ Instagram Posts Will Make You Insanely Jealous

There was a time, ‘capturing the moment’ was nothing more than a metaphor. But now, things aren’t the same. We are living in a world where moments are captured with selfies taken almost every second and then added on a social media site.
People add filters and do everything they can to make their picture look perfect so that they get more likes. After all, ‘the more likes you have on Instagram, the more loved you are’ – is today’s idea of living.

The photographs given below show children of infamous drug lord El Chapo and members of Sinaloa Cartel and the kind of life they had. These photos are Instagram accounts of those wealthy kids. Looks like Grass and Money can get you everywhere (You know what I mean).


This girl is with a tiger, wait, a TIGER. It is damn difficult to get a tiger. This account was traced after the wanted criminals wished to keep a low profile.

Thug life

This guy has an amazing car and an amazing collection of guns. He can blow anyone away whenever he wants to. Problematic, don’t you think so?

Assault on police

In this account, we see a picture where a police car is damaged totally. This is how the assault on police by drug lords is glorified and people like to see it.

Quite religious

The drug lords are devout adherents of their country’s religion, as this pistol’s gold inset of the Virgin of Guadalupe shows.

Babe and guns

A hot girl is holding a gun and taking an aim at someone. Wait, this is serious and dangerous.

Cartel luxury

This set of guns has been added on Instagram by this person with a tag saying – Cartel Luxury. All of these have been painted in gold to add some style.

Horse riding

Life of drug lords’ children
The Sinaloa Cartel emerged from humble ranching and farming roots. A scion of member of the cartel likes to show this in a stylish way.

The Antrax

The leaders of Antrax, the militarised wing of the Sinaloa Cartel that engages in combat with the Mexican military, commits high-level assassinations and fights the cartel’s territory wars.

Under the hashtag #Antrax, the private army shows off fearsome weapons and battle gear, much of which suggests that they are better equipped than the Mexican authorities.

Guns and diamonds

Diamond-studded jewellery and guns are also part of the social media show put on by members of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Just a regular day

Look at the volume of currency notes to be placed in the helicopter. All this is ready to be transported somewhere.

Just a day’s work

All this money has just been earned in a day. A SINGLE DAY. And what do they do with it? Well, you’re just witnessing it.


A Ferrari and a Bentley? Dude, that’s just a normal for them. What people say luxury is normal for drug lords. Yeah, tell that to someone who doesn’t have it.

Big cats

These people play in the big leagues and probably have an obsession with big cats. Many of them own a tiger a lion. Well, their money can afford everything.


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