Couples Who Forgot They Were In Public

Public displays of affection can sometimes be taken overboard. Here are couples who forgot they were in public.


I give props to this guy right here! Im pretty sure a car or a bench could have been a lot more comfortable.


When you are at a bar with a mechanical bull and you decide to hop on it with your partner and start making out.


This guy’s facial expression literally says it all, no one wants to see you make love in a public park. Get your own room.


This guy took the best photo ever! Look how funny this looks, there are literally kids around them and they are still going at it.


This guy is enjoying life a lot in this picture, I just don’t understand why they can’t wait to get home.


When you and your wife have sexual tension but you can’t do anything because the kids are with you guys, so you decide to pull off a move on the ride.


These couples are the funniest, get a hotel or something if you aren’t near your house. Control yourselves.


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