Couple Arrested For Having Sex In Public Parking Lot While Their Two Children Were In The Car

A couple was caught having sex in a parked car outside of a McDonalds by two employees who were walking out of the fast food restaurant after their shift was over. Although inappropriate, these situations aren’t extremely uncommon. However, it was the fact that there was a six-year-old child in the backseat of the car watching the entire thing go down that caused the employees to call police, who as a result arrested the shameless couple.

Inappropriate. It was around 9:30 pm one evening when two McDonalds employees were leaving their shifts, and noticed a couple in a parked car having sex in the parking lot. Upon closer inspection, the employees noticed there appeared to be a child in the background.

Arrest. The employees immediately called 911 and when police arrived, they confronted the couple, who said they had just been “cuddling.” However, police noticed that the woman was half dressed and the child in the back was “alert and awake.” Both Rory Clark and Kimberly Onorato were subsequently arrested and charged with second-degree breach of peace and impairing the morals of a minor, reports KTLA.

Reported. The culprits were eventually released on a $5,000, but the child was placed in the custody of another relative, and it is unclear whether or not the couple were actually the parents of said child. The incident was also reported the the Department of Children and Family Services, reports there New York Daily News.

Others. This isn’t the first instance of a couple being arrested for having sex in front of a child. Earlier this month, a couple from Pennsylvania was arrested after passersby noticed the couple in the parking lot of a shopping center, with two children in the backseat of the car.

Caught. Torrey Lee Rudisill and Taylor Leigh Skursky were both arrested after police were contacted by witnesses. Rudisill was on a work-release program for the local prison and was taken back as soon as the couple was caught. It’s unclear how the children were related to the pair.

Charges. Rudisill had a criminal history of resisting arrest, careless driving, criminal trespass, theft, harassment and now, another case of disorderly conduct. He was sent back to prison, and Skursky was also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Others. In April of 2016, a homeless woman and her boyfriend, also homeless, were arrested after they were caught having sex in a public park in front of small children. The couple was clearly intoxicated when approached by police, and they were both charged with consumption of an alcoholic beverage and lewd exhibition, reports The News-Journal.

Jailed. Jennifer Cael was given a bail of $10,500, while her boyfriend Ronald Riffins was jailed on a $5,5000 bail. It was a passing motorist that noticed the couple while he was stopped at a red light, and as soon as he saw the children nearby, he called police.

Other charges. Cael was given a higher bond because of the fact that she had previously been charged with child neglect and resisting an officer with violence after witnesses reported her for leaving her child in the care of strangers in the lobby of an apartment complex, reports The News Journal. She reportedly told the strangers she no longer wanted the child.

Resisting arrest. When the police were called, they were told she was living with her “sugar daddy” and found her at his apartment. When police knocked on the door, Cael punched one of the officers after opening the door and then proceeded to urinate on them when they handcuffed her.

Neglect. Lastly, one couple from Ohio were arrested in 2009 when they too, were caught having sex in a car in front of two young children who were sitting in the backseat of the car. Police arrested Danica Wallace and Jeremy Welch, charging them with child neglect and drunk driving.

Report. According to a police report from the arrest, the couple told police they “pulled off the roadway to have sex…because they could not do it at their friend’s house,” reports NJ.com.

Discovery. Police discovered a three-year-old and a 22-month-old child sitting in the backseat of the car, while Wallace was sitting on top of Welch in the front seat of the car. Welch and Wallace were both naked from the waist down.

Drunk. The pair admitted they had been at a friend’s party prior to their arrest, where they had consumed alcohol. However, Wallace proceeded to tell police “I’m not completely drunk.”

You. The children were placed in the custody of a friend, while Wallace and Welch were taken into the police station. Do you think these parents deserve to keep their children, or should they remain in the custody of someone else? Let us know your thoughts!


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