This Conversation Between An Indian Guy And British Woman Is Breaking The Internet

Something similar happened when a British woman received texts from an Indian guy who claimed he is in love with her madly and would go to Britain if she transferred $500 in her account. Now, blame it on the boredom of that lady or the double meaning name of that guy, this British lady trolled him so hilariously, that people are sharing her screenshots all over the world.

The Indian guy was so stupid that he didn’t even realize that he has been trolled and insulted. He continued sending her texts with a hope of getting $500 from her. But the courage and humor this lady has shown will leave you in splits.

Although there are no clues if this conversation is for real or someone has faked it, there’s one thing for sure, it hilarious. LOL. I can’t even stop laughing while I have already read it for like six times.

The beginning, conversation starts.

And the lady signals first hand that she is not interested.

Indian guy doesn’t understands and keeps sending the text.

British lady trolls him hard using his poor English knowledge as a weapon.

The guy seems to be in a hurry; he directly admits that he wishes to be physical with her.

The guy surely has an interesting intention.

But the lady wins it every time with her humor and vivid imagination.

Wait, WTH are bobs?

Obviously, she couldn’t find bobs.

This lady is evil. She just said, Celine Dion and the guy is clueless.

Who is trolling who? I guess this lady is teaching him a life lesson.

Hilarious, I have never seen a man desperate for a few bucks.


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