These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected (12 Images)

Sometimes, the cameraman is looking at a frame through his lens and decides that the frame is perfect and clicks the button to capture the frame in his camera. After developing it, he finds that he did not realize that one thing in the photo is not the way he saw it while taking that photo. That particular image made the photo a totally different photo than he imagined. Even the meaning of the image is changed and the image has become something which he did not imagine.

Not So Innocent Animals

We all think that animals are very innocent and therefore they are better than human beings as they don’t have any other intentions like humans do. However this animal does have some feelings and his intentions towards the pretty woman in this photo don’t look very innocent. Rather we should say that he has very worthless intentions and thoughts as far as the woman is concerned and he has shown the proof by placing his hand on the chest of the woman.


Totally Ready To Relax

Even though the photo suggests otherwise, you have to believe us when we say that there is nothing wrong in this photo and the cameraman has not captured something indecent going on in a public place. It is the photo of a man who is very tired and the woman is merely checking on him and his comfort, but the area in which she has been captured in the photo makes it difficult for people to believe the truth when it is in front of their eyes.

Monkey Visitor

This is another example of the fact that animals are not innocent and they can also be worthless like humans. This monkey proves that he is a male monkey as he is more interested in taking a look the dress of this woman than the fruit in his hands. It seems that he is not at all different from some men as they also display the same behavior when they are in public places and something like this happens to a woman near them.

Upside Down Figures skating

This photo looks like that the female partner in this figure skating couple is doing an upside down patterns as her face is exactly at the bottom of her partner.We hope that this patterns was part of their routine and this was not a mistake and she was not injured in this routine.Maybe there was some mistake as the expression on her face are suggesting that something is wrong and she is not happy with the current scenario.


Missed Her lunch

This woman looks like she forgot to have lunch and therefore she is very hungry and cannot wait to eat the food properly. We are wondering as to why she is not using her hands to eat properly because, if she was using her hands then the food wouldn’t have slipped from her mouth.Maybe she is a participant in an eating competition and the rules of the completion do not allow her to use her hands to hold the food.

Be Aware of The Bear

The man looks real happy as he has caught a very big fish while fishing and he is busy enjoying his victory. Meanwhile, the bear has smelled the fish and is ready for his meal. The man is not aware that soon he is not only going to lose his catch but there may also be a threat to his own life. What we find funny is that even though the photographer must be aware of the bear, he has not made the man aware of the danger behind him.

Pet Love

Pets are very loving and caring especially the dogs are very fond of their owners and if the owners are away from them for some time, then the dogs really miss them. The photo shows one such dog who really missed his owner when she was away and he is demonstrating his feelings in the only way possible for him, i.e. sniffing. However, he is too eager and even sniffing of the owner which is not correct behavior

Sniffing At Wrong Place

This dog looks like he is hungry and therefore he is trying sniff and find some food. However, he is not doing the job correctly as he is just sniffing around his owner who is tanning herself in the sun. Maybe he wants to wake her up so that he can get some food or he is trying to scare people away from his owner as he did not want anyone to disturb her.

Where is the Head?

You don’t have to panic as this is not a scene from any horror movie where the actress is missing her head. This photo is of a female gymnast who is showing her skills in a tournament. She is showing a sequence where her head is held back and her legs are in such opposition that her leg is where her head should be. It seems that one needs to be very flexible to make this leap a successful one.

Unexpected Waves

These girls look like they are heading towards the sea for a surfing lesson, but instead they are going to be covered in mud due to this passing vehicle. The driver of the car should have taken some care while driving near those women. It looks like it had rained and therefore there are water puddles and the driver couldn’t resist playing a prank on these girls. We just hope that the girls were not completely drenched in the muddy water and they were able to enjoy surfing.

Trying Too Hard

Don’t worry, this man is not having a heart attack or not trying too hard for something else. He is just a swimmer who is diving from a diving board and the speed of his descent in the water has caused his face to be contorted to give it a weird look. It looks like that the man was not able to pass the gas and therefore he is trying real hard so that he will be comfortable after the gas is passed.

Perfect Squat

This girl is performing a warm-up routine and the squatting seems to be a part of this routine. If this is the case then we hope that she got to the restroom before she had an accident. If she is just doing the normal warm-up, then she looks like she is perfectly ready for the actual performance in the stadium before the real game.

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