British Schoolboy Supposedly Becomes a Father at the Age of 13

Today’s story is about a schoolboy, aged 14, from Manchester, UK. The boy was extremely happy (or “chuffed to bits” as the Brits say), to learn that his 16-years old girlfriend was pregnant with his baby. The mother said: “My son is mature for his age and will make a good father. He will make a better dad than most 25-year-old men would.” Those are strong words coming from the mother – we can all hope that the kid is going to do a good job being a father at that age.

Meet Alfie Patten

Alfie Patten is Britain’s youngest dad. He became a father at the age of 13, so he had to say goodbye to playing games and hanging out with his friends early on. He was forced to look after a little baby, which is silly because he still needs help for many things.

Meet His Girlfriend

More interesting is the fact that his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to their baby at the age of 15, which makes them the youngest parents ever. Actually, she got pregnant at the age of 14 when she shared her room with her 12-years old lover.

He is Planning to Be a Good Dad

Alfie is just a kid, but he is aware of his new role in life. In one interview, he said: “I know I’m young, but I plan to be a good dad.” The interview was done while he was playing PlayStation with his girlfriend. Later, he added: “I think we’ll be good parents. I’ll have to work extra hard at school.”
Who Is the Real Dad?

Things became a real mess after it was revealed that Alfie is not the real dad. After the baby’s birth, six local boys came and claimed that they are the real dad. Alfie’s mom claimed that Alfie is still a virgin and they wanted to make a DNA test.

Meet the Real Dad

They made a DNA test and the results revealed that the real dad is actually Tyler Barker (15), who is their mutual friend. They made the baby during a drunken one-night stand. After the DNA proof, he was afraid that his life would be ruined.

Alfie Is the One with the Broken Heart

After the DNA proof, Alfie was heartbroken. He was crying all the time and he barely left his room. He never saw Chantelle and the baby after her family moved far away from him. He could not go to school and thought that his world ended.
Alfie’s Story Became Viral

He was recognized everywhere he went. He couldn’t even get a job at a local shop. He is glad he is not a father at his age since he didn’t really understand what fatherhood was all about. Since then, Alfie had two relationships He doesn’t want to have babies soon, but maybe this will change later in his life.

Meet Sean Stewart – Another Young Dad

Sean was 12 years old when his neighborhood girlfriend gave birth to his son at the age of 15. It happened in 1998 when he took a day off from school to be there for the birth. He promised that he would be an awesome dad, but only after serving those seven years of his jail sentence for theft.

Meet Jamie Sutton and his Sarah

This couple became parents in 1999. Jamie Sutton from East Manchester at the age of 12 got his girlfriend Sarah Drinkwater pregnant at the age of 16. Sarah gave birth to twins and several years later the third daughter and that brought the family even closer.
This Is a Real Mess

Shem Davies at the age of 29 he became the youngest granddad. He and his former girlfriend Kelly John (30) became parents to Tia at the age of 15. After 14 years, Tia gave birth to Gracie. She got pregnant from her boyfriend, Jordan Williams, who is 15.

April Webster and Her Story

April Webster is just another young mother. She gave a birth to her son Jamie after unprotected sex with her boyfriend, Nathan Fishbourne when both of them were at the age of 13. Jamie is the child of the Britain’s youngest parents.

Not Her Fault

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