Ariel Winter Blasted For Not Wearing Bra And Underwear To A Movie Premiere

To this day, Modern Family remains one of the funniest shows on television, but there’s one gem that shines above all of the other amazing actors, and her name is Ariel Winter. Now she started out by playing a seemingly nerdy, and awkward 11-year-old on the show, but both her character and the actress herself have undergone an amazing transformation from geeky to a smoking hot young woman. Given the way she looks, we have no doubt that she’ll become a big Hollywood celeb, and see? She’s already causing quite a stir too with a recent daring dress.

Most people would agree when we say that Ariel Winter looks positively hot in this dress.

But this look caused a lot of people’s jaws to drop when she turned up at a movie premiere showing off way too much.

Personally, we don’t see what the big deal is, but not everyone liked her all too revealing dress.

Many felt that the dress with the transparent sides showed way too much of Ariel, but that’s probably because they were jealous.

So what if she turned up to a movie premiere wearing nothing underneath her dress?

It’s true that she had no panties on, no bra on, and the dress was transparent on the side, but can you blame her for loving her body?

In Hollywood, there are too many actresses taking extreme measures to become beautiful.

Finally, there’s an impressive young lady who looks amazing, and people are throwing her to the wolves? What gives?

Some would argue that Ariel Winter is not longer the innocent girl we first noticed on television.

She seems to be getting naughtier and naughtier with each passing day, but wouldn’t you if you looked this good?

Ariel could have given three Smurfberries what people thought of her.

She was too busy strutting around like the diva that she clearly was, and she wasn’t ashamed to show the goods that God gave her.

The comments she’s been getting on Instagram have been pretty mixed.

While some agree that she looks great, others didn’t feel that her dress was appropriate for such an occasion, but who cares?

Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped people from slut-shaming her on Instagram.

One person even wrote, “An adult should of (sic) told you that dress is so inappropriate. You should have more respect for yourself.”

Ariel was simply proven that she’s all grown up and clearly people just aren’t ready for that.

On social media, someone said, “You’re a beautiful young lady and don’t need to flaunt your boobs to get attention.”

Even when she’s not wearing a see-through dress, Ariel looks sexy as hell.

Looking at her in this photo with that striped sweater and short jeans by the pool, you can’t help but wonder why anyone was so surprised by the dress she wore to the movie premiere.

Fortunately, Ariel has thick skin and doesn’t let her haters bring her down.

In the past, she has stated that every time “someone bullies me online, it gives me a chance to re-emphasize to my fans, and even myself, how important self-acceptance is”.

The movie premiere Ariel was attending was for “Smurfs: The Hidden Village”.

We almost feel sorry for the Smurf she was flirting with. In those tighty whities, he probably had a tough time fighting another kind of battle of the bulge.

This is how Ariel looked back in 2010 while attending the 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event.

Her dress certainly wasn’t as racy as the one she wore to the Smurfs premiere years later, but it pushed the envelope through its unique and unusual design.

By 2011, Ariel was eager to show off a little more skin.

This is her at the premiere of “I Am Number Four” at the Village Theater in Westwood, CA. Notice that she went all strapless in that gorgeous black dress.

Even in May of 2010, Ariel was experimenting with her fashion to give it a more sexy look.

At the 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles, CA, she sported a red dress with a diamond shaped jewel between her breasts to get Hollywood’s attention.

It’s funny how a year made a whole lot of difference in Ariel’s fashion choices.

On April 2nd, 2009, she looked a little more like her “Modern Family” character, Alex Dumphy as she wore a more subdued dress and her face seemed to be makeup free when she attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Hannah Montana The Movie” in Hollywood, CA.


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