Why You Should Always Wear Lingerie

Treat yourself! You need to love your body, and what better way to do that than to treasure it with lovely gifts? Here’s why you should always wear lingerie!

How do you feel about lingerie? Do you wear lingerie all the time? Or are you going to start doing so? Share your thoughts in the comments!

It’s a wonderful confidence booster.

You don’t need a man to show off your sexy lingerie, just treat yourself and then admire the beauty in the mirror.

Even if no one else knows you’re wearing it, you know. This gives you a fun little secret to share with yourself!

Consider wearing your favorite lingerie under your outfit to a job interview or to give a presentation and feel the confidence.

Lacy garments will keep you in touch with your feminine charm.

Even if you’re wearing a baseball jersey and some boyfriend jeans, having some silky lingerie on underneath will still make you feel like a pretty lady.

If you are in a relationship, it’s definitely a perk.

It can show your partner that you want to look nice for him in any situation.

Plus, for most guys, it’s quite the turn on.

If you’re wearing some sort of delicate lace, just a peak of it from a sleeve slipping off the shoulder, or a low neckline, can drive any viewer wild.

If you really treat yourself and get some good lingerie, it will actually make your clothes fit better.

A lot of lingerie has shapewear, which not only emphasizes your curves, but it also helps with posture, and sometimes even back problems.

Shopping for lingerie isn’t always fun. Seemingly, if you don’t find the right fit, it is seriously not the right fit; there’s no in-between.

However, when you find that proper fit, lordy lord, you’re looking damn fine.

Just make sure you get the lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, not what the media or anyone else thinks you should wear. How can you appreciate someone else’s body if you can’t appreciate yours?


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