8 Things Girls With Small Boobs Want All Guys To Know

People act like having small boobs is the end of the world, not true! Here are 8 things girls with small boobs wants all guys to know.


Never suggest a women with small boobs to get a boob job. This is the worst thing you can tell a girl, keep your unnecessary comments to yourself.


Having small boobs can help with using your bra as a compartment. This is benefit only women with small boobs have.


Just because her boobs aren’t her best feature, doesn’t mean they don’t want attention. Give attention to every size!


Everyone loves a compliment on their boobs, don’t be creepy about it. If a girl is wearing a low-cut shirt, your compliment might be appreciated.


Girls with small boobs usually have a bigger variety of different types of bras. Sometimes they can even avoid wearing bras.


This is the size chart for bras. All sizes should be treated the same one. From size A-H they are all special.


Girls with small boobs often put padding in their bras. If you come across a girl that has padding in her bra, don’t freak out.


Don’t try to motorboat a girl with small boobs, it doesn’t really work. You can try, but it’ll be painful.


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