7 Signs She’s A Girl, Not A Woman

There is a fine line between the differences of a woman and a girl, but there is definitely a noticeable difference. Here are 7 different signs she’s a girl, not a woman.


Women enjoy reading books in their down time, while girls enjoy watching reality t.v. shows in their down time.


Girl are very obsessed with their physical appearance, when women are very comfortable just the way they are.


When you are a women you love to try new things and experience things you haven’t before. When you are girl you are very afraid to try new things.


Girl are usually very addicted to social media and caught up in all the latest drama. Women are obsessed with living life and being outdoors.


Women tend to keep things a lot classier, girls on the other hand try and look very sexy all the time. A woman would have a wine, or champagne, and a girl would be drinking hard alcohol.


Women are usually very strong and independent, they like to have control over everything. Girls tend to be insecure and clingy.


Last but definitely not least, girls love attention and will do anything to receive it. Women on the other hand only look for respect.

A picture of a beautiful woman comforting a man

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