6 Yoga Poses Which Makes You Feel As S*x Position

“Yoga” is known as the union of body and soul. It makes the body flexible and strong muscles. It also helps in reducing the stress and calms down your mind. Yoga has been practicing all over the world.

Yoga also improves your sex life and makes it better. Therefore we have brought you some yoga position that also makes you feel like a sex position. What is a better way to get fit rather than of doing it?

6 Yoga Poses Which Appears Like Sex Position
1. The cat pose

The cat pose of yoga best for your hips and waist. Get on the floor with your hips over your knees and hands touching grounds with shoulder straight.This pose will give your partner more space and he will take you to the moon.

2. The leaned butterfly poses

The butterfly poses also known as Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining bound angle pose) which shapes your thighs and hips. Just simply lay down on the floor and stretch your hand above your head. Fold your leg little bit touching each other so that your partner will directly approach your genitals.

3. The bridge position of Yoga

The bridge position of Yoga just lay down on the floor and keep your legs wide enough to the width of hips. Hold your ankle with your hands and rather push up your waist upward. Your head lying straight down on the yoga mat. Your partner stand on his one leg consequently holds your hips and reach to your boobs. This one is peerless pose which will put extra pleasure during play.

4. Happy baby playing with toes.

Pull your legs into the air rather holding your toes and knees straight align to your sides. Lay down on the ground straight and look straightforward. This position helps your partner to come near you. Have you ever ask your partner for this position? if you haven’t tasked ask him/her for the same.

5. The Cobra Position

Lay down on your belly and put your palms on the floor under your shoulder. keep your hips and leg straight while your face facing the front of a line. The cobra pose has a Sanskrit name “Bhujangasana”. This pose helps your partner to have more fun behind and hence your partner get well position for kissing your backs. It opens up your back enough to easily access your G-spot.

6. Three Legged Dog Yoga

For this position, you have to stand straight and gradually put your palms on the ground. Keep your one leg on the mat while another one straight up facing the sky. Your partner will much more comfortable with this pose furthermore holding your leg upward into the air and ready to ride on.

Wrapped up

One should always do the yoga and exercises regularly to keep one’s life healthy. Exercise and yoga help in the growth of the body. It also makes you mentally fit. So friend accepts the truth of exercises.


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