25 Cartoon Characters Turned Into 3D CGI Nightmares

1. Pikachu by ColorBleed Studios

2. Raphael by Adnan Ali

3. Philip J. Fry by Miguel Miranda

4. Experiment 626: Stitch by Boris Kiselicki

5. Johnny Bravo and Daphne by Nauman Khan

6. Wolverine Bust by Hoang Anh Dang

7. Magikarp and Gyarados by Ryan Chapman


8. Link by Kyle Hefley

9. Armstrong by jonathan Roméo

10. Toph Beifong by Victor Hugo Queiroz

11. Rhino by Michael Gonsalves

12. Pops by vikung-fu

13. Groundskeeper Willie by Amroosi

14. Nappa by carson yuen

15. Bowser by Denis Novikov

16. The Dark Knight Returns Batman by Christian Ronchi

17. Porco Rosso by Oleg Memukhin

18. Buzz Lightyear by Piotr Kujko

19. Princess Bubblegum by Guzz Soares

20. Spongebob Squarepants by Bryce Andrew Warner

21. Brock Samson by Eduard Oliver

22. Piccolo by Fabian Roldan

23. KRUMM by Jared Krichevsky

24. Mario and Luigi by soojong kim

25. Turanga Leela by Marco Splash


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