20 Terribly Placed Advertisements That’ll Make You Think Twice About Humanity

Human error happens, yes, but not like this.  Whoever took the time to pair these billboards together was either smoking something fancy or playing a sick joke.Human error happens, yes, but not like this.  Whoever took the time to pair these billboards together was either smoking something fancy or playing a sick joke.
The following terribly placed adverts will make you wonder if the companies involved got their money back because these follies most likely hurt the companies’ bottom lines instead of helping.
Get Ready!  Things are about to get super juicy, and we saved the best for last.
1. The New Organic Adult Shop

Who could have possibly paired these two together and not thought it was obscene?  It’s simply not possible to aim a massive carrot into a woman’s caboose and NOT see something wrong with the picture.

Go ahead Louisianians, one in three of you will die from eating these delicious croissant breakfast sandwiches from Burger King.  Down South, fast food matters more than health!
3. Racist much?

The guys who hung these up are definitely part of the KKK in a remote redneck location where guns are religion. This was their way of sending a message to the black community, SICKENING!

4. Rainy Day Sharts

It got so bad, the passenger in the bus could smell the mess through the glass!  At least those “delicate” grannie panties contained most of the muddy treasure.

5. Always Hard and Ready5. Always Hard and Ready

This a man’s dream come true right here.  He is always hard and ready for someone to grab his “handle.”  Every time someone enters this taxi, the driver has a huge grin on his face – he knows.  Hopefully, the guy swings both ways…
6. The Arabian Fabio

Tanni thought he was super hot until someone blasted him with Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese.  That’s what he gets for trying to look like Fabio.  Gene and Dean Ween were trolls before internet trolls ever existed.
They see her rollin’, they hatin’, hopefully, her children don’t catch her ridin’ dirty!  But seriously, don’t you think they could have put the picture of the woman ANYWHERE else on the bus?  Who does that?8. Ask and You Shall Receive

The poor little girl is wondering where her daddy is when the answer is right behind her.  Of course, all men who ditch their children live at the gentleman’s club off a desolate exit on I-95. Duh!

9. The bodies keep going missing…9. The bodies keep going missing…


Bodies just keep getting up and walking right out of this place, and no one knows why…
10. Oil companies are the devil

This is the perfect description for an oil company; they will bleed the world dry while lining their pockets without any regard for human life.  Oh yeah, they don’t mind spilling oil either and killing countless animals.  This is where they will burn!

You’d think Starbucks would be too smart to let a slip up like this occur.  Maybe, it was a local coffee shop’s doing that got sick of Starbucks stealing all the local coin.12. So Tempting

A lot of people probably looked at this and died after being tempted to jump into the mystery tunnel.  They jumped in thinking there was a rainbow on the other end only to get mauled.


13. There’s a kitty under the hood13. There’s a kitty under the hood

When a woman is in the kitchen, she looks sexier than she realizes.  There’s just something about kitchen mitts that really get a man going.  When she shows off her kitty hidden beneath, it gets even better!
14. Here’s Johnny!

The Shining is a way better movie so whoever came up with this is an evil genius who wants to see a remake of the movie with Anne Hathaway instead of Shelley Duvall.  Unfortunately, Jack is irreplaceable unless maybe it was a deranged Ryan Reynolds.
This is one advert that definitely led to a lot of death and made the choice for suicidal individuals easier. Let’s hope no kids took this sign literally and leaped to their doom.
16. Which advert came first the chicken or the egg?

Don’t get fat, eat large quantities of McDonald’s.  This combination is an oxymoron on a billboard!

17. Cigarette companies are ruthless!17. Cigarette companies are ruthless!

Cigarette companies don’t mind if you have lung cancer or are a cancer survivor.  Remember, they don’t call em cancer sticks for nothing.
18. Trump?

Trump must have started years ago hiring local New Yorkers off the streets to protest immigration any way imaginable.  Is the Philippines a Muslim-majority country?
It’s easy to tell by all the wilted plant life in that particular section that these guys knew what they were doing.  Hey, who can blame them?  It looks fun.  Wear shoes though bro! Gross!
20. Teaching them to quit at a young age

That’s right kids! Quit everything while you can including school because quitters always prosper in life.

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