20 Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Caught On Camera

#20 Bloody Runner

This is just a bit on the freaky side…have you ever seen bloody pectorals? Chaffing is a real problem everybody…BEWARE

#19 What a cocky foot

Here we are with a nice group of friends taking a friendly looking photo. Till this ladies wonderful nude colored shoe and foot decided to turn an ordinary picture into a well…not so ordinary picture.

#18 Well what kind of injury is this?

I mean could it be an odor issue or is she really in need of some kind of spray on that specific area?

#17 Dog Goals

Dogs just marking his territory, shouldn’t she feel honored of how he claims her so passionately? On the other hand did anyone else notice he’s peeing in mid air?

#16 Can’t blame them

Can you blame them for looking? Sure looks like she wanted to put on a show for them…

#15 Lets just not

I mean cmon man… this just makes me so uncomfortable. Anyone else?

#14 Hey they look pretty legit

Wonder how long she’s been waiting! HOW EMBARRASSING!

#13 One of these girls is a showstopper

When both sisters go out on a night of drinking. One of them gets hit on way more than the other. Can you guess which one and why?

#12 Picture perfect

The timing on this photo was just impeccable. I really would like to see the ending result.

#11 Must have had a bad dream

Must have been some interesting night for this lady who may I point out 1)is passed out on the beach 2) in heels and her night out outfit 3) who peed herself.

#10 The art of yoga pants

I’m not sure… does she want this to happen or can it possibly be an accident. We will never know the truth behind these see-through yoga pants.

#9 Naughty Santa

Naughty or nice? By the look in those eyes santa belongs on the naughty this year.

#8 Caption this

So many assumptions in just one picture. Could she have farted? Maybe he smelled? Might have been his breathe or even what he whispered in her ear… hmmmm

#7 Is this even okay?

“Grandpa” has oficcially lost it.

#6 Caption this Pt 2

Could he be really enjoying this or completely terrified. We’ll never know…


Maybe she should try some clenching exercises, seems like she can’t hold her pee…

#4 Awkward

If this photo can be described in one word it would be…AWKWARD.

#3 poor guy

Talking about some bad seats on a flight. Lets hope he’s not traveling across the world…

#2 Super handsy

I mean someone must have grabbed his hands and put them there as he was passed out right?!

#1 What can they possibly looking at?

They don’t seem to happy with what they see up there…oops


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