19 Things Women Do In Private That Give Them A Strange Sense Of Satisfaction

Women are mysterious; no wonder men are still struggling to fathom and act according to the sudden shift in moods or moves we throw their way. I pity you, men, but we are strangely interesting creatures, and you will definitely agree to it. We do things we shouldn’t be doing, we don’t do things we should be doing, and we know it, but it is how we are. And we love it!

Now that I have already accepted how weird the female creation is, let me share some things – gross and weird things – most of the women do in private that gives them an odd sense of satisfaction. Dare not ask or judge your woman/women based on this if you want to stay out of trouble.

It is a no-entry zone we are letting you sneak into. Enter at your own risk! Don’t tell me, I didn’t warn you!

Plucking stray eyebrows/upper lip/chin hair and placing it on the mirror. Who’s the boss!

Women hate stray hair peeping out of unwanted places, especially areas like chin, upper lips, and eyebrows. What’s even worse is the pain they go through to get rid of them. But they don’t mind a little pain if it leaves them more confident. Plucking a stray hair and placing it on the mirror is one such act that gives them a weird sense of accomplishment, for whatever reasons.

Scroll down for a sneak peek into more of such strangely weird acts that give women an odd sense of satisfaction.
Squeezing spots or pimple/acne despite being wary of the fact that it will worsen it.

Squeezing out blackheads with fingers. Alternatively, examining the blackhead strip remover minutely after the accomplishment.

Smelling their own armpits and somehow quite impressed by it.

Cupping their own boobs just for a sexy and warm feel.

Releasing the butt cheek from the clutches of a wedgie.

Checking out their body in the mirror after tucking the belly pouch inside the pants or tights. We know the reality though!

Dancing like a diva on a music video playing in their head, especially in the bathroom. Those sexy moves are strictly for their eyes only!

Taking off those heels immediately after getting home and heaving a sigh of relief.

Practicing an imaginary argument with someone they are mad at, or a conversation with their crush; depends on their current mood.

Itching the Vajayjay or butt crack (especially a couple of days post shaving) after having controlled the urge for a long time. Pure bliss!

Examining that make-up chunk on the makeup remover wipes… “Was I roaming around with all that makeup? I sure did not apply this much!”

Nibbling at annoying hangnails or dry skin.

Throwing off the bra as soon as they enter their home. Setting “them” free is plain heavenly!

Removing the dirt from under the nails. Feels clean and so satisfying!

Taking all sorts of selfies and feeling like a diva!

Tearing off the split ends.

Pulling that stray (head) hair out of the butt hole, especially in the shower. I wonder how they end up landing there…

Getting into the bed with freshly waxed or shaved legs feels so damn good.

I am sure most of the ladies will relate to these things and those who don’t, you are missing on some “womanly” stuff.


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