18 VPL Fails That Are So Bad You’ll Never Want To Wear Underwear Again

Every woman knows the struggle of VPL. It’s something we’ve all gone through, and we all know it to be hell on Earth.

We all need to wear underwear but the whole point of it is that we don’t actually SEE it. Well, these guys didn’t quite get the memo and in effect, they ended up with some seriously bad visible panty lines. Awkward…

Check out these 19 panty line fails so bad they will make you never want to wear underwear again. These are BAD!

1.Barely Breathing

Why would anyone be willing to go out like that?!

2.Expectation V Reality

That’s unnerving, to say the least.

3. Well Hello There, Kitty

Just a few things, aren’t you a bit old for Hello Kitty? And wear some pants that aren’t see-through! Good heavens!

4. Are You High?!?!… Waisted

This look would have been awesome without the VPL! Sort your look out!

5. White On White On Panty

Creased capris are one thing, but creased capris and visible panty lines are another!

6. A Foolproof Way To Beat Panty Lines

It may have felt like a good idea at the time, but in reality. It’s really not.

7. The Man Panty Line

Even men aren’t safe from visible panty lines!

8. Cottage cheese bum

Oh my, visible panty lines are everywhere!

9. I’m going to eat you up

That VPL looks hungry! Somebody feed it before it eats that poor person!

10. I wish she could see behind her

Why does that VPL look wet and sticky? That’s kind of gross.

11. More, More, More

Listen up ladies, VPL is never a good look! Never.

12. Even dresses are guilty


Is no item of clothing safe from the dreaded visible panty line? Curse you VPL!!!

13. Golden Girl

While your butt maybe golden, please understand the sheer awesomeness of it is ruined by your visible panty line.

14. Superhero VPL

While I understand being bent over like that may be comfy, it also means we’re more likely to see your panties. Please understand, we don’t want to see that.

15. Lemon Meringue pie

See through pants and visible panty lines? It’s every woman’s living nightmare! This is going to give me nightmares tonight!

16. Side VPL

I wonder if she thinks VPL are sexy because if that’s the case, she’s sadly mistaken.

17. These guys need some VPL education

I didn’t know there was a charity that combatted public displays of VPL.

Obviously, it’s a worthy charity and we should all donate to it.

18. Half and Half

Now that’s a serious case of VPL. I bet she’ll be so embarrassed when she realizes that!

How BAD are these visible panty lines?

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