10 People Reveal The Worst Sex They Ever Had Excluding Your Mom

I had a friend get puked on once.

Another girl I knew lost her V-Card in front of a bunch of people at a party.

People shared their worst times on Reddit:

1. I had an asthma attack mid-way through sex with some random dude (I’m a woman). He was on top in missionary and I started gasping and trying to push him off me so I could get my inhaler. He starts saying “oh you like that?” and went harder. He thought I was cumming. I was not.

2. Self heating massage oils that read “for external use only” are not fucking around with that warning label. Minute one great sex. Minute two “hmmm that’s a little warm”. Minute three both of us curled up in a fetal position with ice packs on our junk.

3. We were in my car after work near the woods. Half way through, someone bangs on the window yelling “What the fuck are you doing?”… It was her ex boyfriend

4. First girlfriend in high school that I had sex with. She was bisexual but I thought she might just be a lesbian. Most times she would literally just lay on her back and not move. She refused to touch my dick. 90%of the time I couldn’t even cum.
The first time I did cum, in a condom, she panicked and told her parents that she thought she was pregnant. Relationship didn’t last much longer.

5. One of the girls I dated in college was very sheltered and it sometimes led to some interesting situations. The first time we attempted sex, she tried to finger that area between my butt and my balls and managed to stab her index finger down onto my left testicle, and she had decently long fingernails. I nearly puked from the pain. Needless to say, I was completely done with anything sexual after all that, and we just watched TV the rest of the evening while I sat on the couch whimpering.

6. Had a woman give me a blowjob with poprocks. I initially thought it would be awesome. Had to have her stop because it felt like gravel rubbing against the head of my dick.

7. The classic pull back, thrust forward, and bend. Could not get back in the mood after that pain.

8. More just embarrassing than anything, but my girlfriend had been teasing me all day by touching me, but never going further than that. By the end of the day she’s all excited thinking it will be great sex with all of the build up, but I feel like I could burst just thinking about it. Came in like 30 seconds ?

9. Lost my virginity with a neighbor when I was 14. I was ill prepared for the task at hand. She got pissed at me and berated me. Not sure what she was expected out of the skinny kid with braces living next door. Must have been my bitchin’ Ocean Pacific t-shirt and all white Reboks.

10. Time I lost my virginity for a few reasons.
My roommate was in the room watching Netflix, I barely knew the girl, her pussy tasted salty and sweaty, when my roommate finished watching Netflix and tried to sleep he yelled at us and told us to go to sleep after groaning for 30 minutes. And I didn’t even cum. 2/10



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