16 Photos Of Bizarre Shoes For The Shoe Addict In All Of Us

Many people genuinely believe that a look is not complete without the right pair of shoes, and rightfully so. Shoes are not only a means of protecting and securing your feet, but a form of expressing your style, and thereby, yourself.

Yet, some people take the concept of “expressing yourself” through footwear a little too far. Check out these 16 photos of bizarre shoes that are so cringe-worthy they’re bound to intrigue the shoe addict in you.

Ballerinas are notoriously known for their very unique-looking pair of shoes. The platform and special build of these ballet shoes really give ballet dancers a little edge on the stage.

You can think of it as a shoe, or you can think of it as a wheelchair for your feet since that’s what it looks like. These shoes are not very appealing to look, nor do they look very comfortable.

When it comes to discomfort, these pair of heels sure take the win! Shoes are meant to provide your comfort or a sort of protection. These pair of nails with chains look like they could really cause some serious damage.

For all you old school gamers, this might be the shoe for you. These wedges not only serve as a pair of shoes, but they serve as storage for your Gameboy! It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

If you don’t have anyone to babysit your pet fish, you might want to invest in these. Now you can take your best friend to the tropics with you! We’re just not sure how safe that compartment is for the little guy.

If you’re ever going to the beach and want to make a few fishy friends, you might want to try these out. You’ll blend right in!

Shoes are made of canvas, rubber, plastic, leather… but as far as cardboard? We’re not so sure. At least they’re environmentally friendly. When you’re done with the pair, just recycle them!

At first glance, this may look like an old pair of ripped converse. But look again… It’s actually a crocodile mouth design!

Just looking at these pair of heels makes us uncomfortable. Leaving your toes open and vulnerable to be stepped on… why would you do that to yourself?

We love bananas as much as the next person, but if you wear fruits instead of shoes… than it’s safe to say you’re a fruit.

Can’t find the right pair of pants or shoes? Why not kill two birds with one stone. With this two in one combo, choosing your outfits will become much easier!

Wired heels? Imagine yourself at an event… whether it’s a drink spilling or an object dropping, your feet are bound to get hurt and dirty. Need we say more?

Why shove your feet inside of a burger when you can eat it?

We understand matching your shoes with your outfit, but why would you want to match with your car? That’s a little over the top.

These may take the the award for the highest pair of heels…ever. Additionally, not only does each shoe have one heel, but two! Talk about innovation.

We hope these are meant to wear out as a Halloween costume, and nothing more.


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