16 Jealous People That Got Caught Up In Their Envy

You’re not the jealous type, right? Wrong. There are so many ways I could think of to rile up even the most centered and well balanced individual that claiming to be impervious to the feeling makes you not only look ignorant, but guilty. Look, jealousy and envy are part of the human condition. I’m not saying they’re the best parts, but like that crazy uncle on your mom’s side, they are part of the family and aren’t going anywhere.
But you’ve made it this far in life without winding up in jail via some jealous rage episode – or at least most of you have – so for the most part you’ve learned to keep it in line. But once in a while, it rears its ugly head at the worst possible time – which is when you’re on camera. Just like these folks:

1. This is the very moment where Little Joey gets it stuck in his head that size matters, which will haunt him for the rest of his natural life.

2. Martha’s life was fine until Gertrude the jezebel moved in on her man Wallace. Someone needs to stop this tomfoolery!

3. “I’m better looking, and I’m being ignored for a dog? I hate them so much. All of them.” Otherwise, how a super villain is born.

4. You can almost see her willing puberty to give her a second chance.

5. Don’t know which person he’s actually jealous of here, but someone isn’t getting a hand-made personalized christmas sweater this year.

6. “Is…is that…is that red velvet?” You can actually see the froth in her mouth.

7. Thank goodness the Carebear stare isn’t something real that we could harness for the side of evil; or this woman would be toast.

8. Lol, so that’s what we’re calling it now…

9. Maybe she’s just upset at her lack of personal floatation devices. It could be a really deep lake, guys. It’s not safe.

10. Don’t even need to see her face to sense the jealousy. Don’t need to wonder why she’s jealous either.

11. Oh Tink. You’re just jealous of everything – this is no surprise to anyone. H8R.

12. This is a how you wind up with a good son, and the one you wonder where it all went wrong.

13. I don’t get it, she’s jealous, but it looks like she loves it? “You can’t look…but I can’t look away!”

14. You can’t punch your way to victory here, little man.

15. Jealousy always waits in the hallway, with a coat on to protect itself from all the cold, cold hatred.

16. This poor guy went so paralytic with envy that they carted him to the Star Wars exhibit and stored him beside Han Solo in carbon for the next year.

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