16 Celebrity ‘Oops’ Moments That Were Super Embarrassing!

Sometimes, your outfit has a mind of its own and it is not in sync with what the rest of you wants.

Celebrities have to deal with a lot of situations and do it with dignity and grace. No matter what goes wrong, they will try their level best to maintain some amount of decorum. These 16 celebrities suffered some major wardrobe malfunctions but were able to deal with it effectively:

#16 Tara Reid

Sean P. Diddy’s birthday party was a memorable event especially since Tara Reid marked it with an epic wardrobe malfunction. The actress was wearing a Satin Christian Dior gown and was posing for cameras when her dress slipped off and she had a major nip slip.

#15 Iggy Azalea

Some people are just not lucky and some tend to have a big wardrobe malfunction at every alternate event. The singer mistakenly revealed all her assets at the MTV VMA’s.

#14 Jennifer Garner

The actress was having a great time as she giggled and posed with her co-star Steve Carell at the premiere of Alexander the Terrible when her beaded clutch decided that she had a lot more to show and tell.

#13 Miranda Kerr

She is no stranger to showing off a bit of skin but nobody wants a disastrous wardrobe malfunction during a red carpet. The former Victoria’s Secret model was all smiling and posing at the premiere of Mademoiselle C in NYC when she accidentally showed her boobs while trying to re-adjust her hair.

#12 Emma Watson

Emma Watson is flawless almost all the time but this is that one time where even she had a slip-up. The Harry Potter star could not avoid a major malfunction at the premiere of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower as it aired in Los Angeles. Let’s just say her backless dress was much revealing.

#11 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway faced a big oops moment as she had a wardrobe malfunction at the red carpet as she was getting out of the car. She revealed that she had forgotten that she had no underwear on and showed a little too much while she stepped out of the car.

#10 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian certainly knows how to get things done. While hosting X-Factor, she decided to carry on a familiar Kardashian tradition of wearing a long sheer top with no bra. Instead of people focusing on her hosting, all they could see was her nipples through her blouse.

#9 Selena Gomez

Selena suffered a major wardrobe malfunction at the Paris Fashion Week. She was on her way out for dinner with her friends when her outfit decided to burst open and flash the people around her and well, the rest of the world.

#8 Vanessa Hudgens

Austin, Vanessa’s boyfriend, stepped on his girlfriend’s trousers while walking. It accidentally got pulled down revealing her knickers and before they could drop lower, she pulled them up and saved herself any further embarrassment.

#7 Janet Jackson

The 2004 Super Bowl show at halftime indulged the crowd in a lot more than what it had paid for. While Janet Jackson was performing with Justin Timberlake she suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction.

#6 Katherine Heigl

While Katherine Heigl gave her victory speech, little did she know that her dress would steal all the limelight. She was in a silky red dress when one of the straps gave way and came undone. She gained control of the situation and finished her speech, holding her dress.

#5 Sofia Vergara

Modern Family made internet headlines at the 2012 Emmy’s for one good reason and one not so good reason. The good news first, they won Best Comedy Series award and for the bad news, Sofia Vergara’s dress decided to burst open just 20 minutes before they got the award.

#4 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence officially had the worst wardrobe malfunction ever and she had no idea about it. It is said that she was having dinner in a restaurant in Paris where she went to meet director Francis Ford Coppola, barefoot. After she greeted everyone, she realized that her whole dress was unzipped and her thong could be easily seen.

#3 Nicki Minaj

The hip-hop singer had reappeared on stage after what was supposed to be a quick costume change. However, it was clear that the dress had not been zipped or buttoned up properly and poor Nicki was left holding on to her dress on stage to prevent it from bursting open.

#2 Hayden Panetierre

After a stint in rehab, Hayden Panetierre decided to make her first event appearance. However, that did not work out too well for the actress who experienced a major wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards.

#1 Britney Spears

Britney Spears suffered a major wardrobe malfunction during a performance in Las Vegas. Of course, social media did not miss one chance to call her out on it.

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